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Moves Export allows you to export your Moves app fitness activities automatically to RunKeeper, for free! Walks, runs or cycles that Moves records can automatically be posted to RunKeeper, where you can keep track of your activities and progress over time. Or, you can take more control and post activities to RunKeeper directly from our web storyline view! And you can now post directly to Strava too!

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We provide fully super-fast automated, offline check-in to Foursquare (via Swarm), using the places identified by Moves! Additionally we enable web viewing of your Moves storylines - and direct GPX, raw JSON, OneNote, Evernote or Google Calendar export of your Moves storylines! And this is just the beginning - we are growing, and adding features and enhancements, very quickly...

We have weekly activity rankings for our users, and activity summaries: follow your friends and compare your fitness activity summaries! Share individual fitness activities with friends, including posting Moves activities directly to Facebook! Follow us on Twitter or on Facebook to keep up with the exciting developments, and let us know what you'd like to see next!

Movers and Shakers Ranking - Week Ending Apr 4, 2015

M&S RankingNicknameCity/StateCountry/RegionWalkingRunningCyclingTotal Steps
1captxxSingaporeSingapore3 h 26 min3 h 49 min0 min55,355
2MugenSeoulSouth Korea6 h 15 min2 h 34 min0 min64,481
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