FAQ - Post to Facebook

  • How do I post an activity to Facebook? Go to Your Storylines and click on the Detail icon (in the right hand column) for the activity you'd like to post. Then the Activity Detail page opens. When you're ready, use the button to log in to Facebook - the first time you do this, it will ask for permissions to publish to your stream. Once you're logged in, make sure that the post privacy is set the way you want, and then click "Share activity on Facebook". Please wait several seconds for the activity to post. A message display confirming that the activity has been posted successfully. You should then be able to see the activity posted in your Activity Log

  • What else does Moves Export do with my Facebook account after I've logged in? Nothing! We promise that we won't do anything with your Facebook except post your chosen activity - we won't send invites to your friends, or to you, or do anything else without you knowing, and we don't store any of your Facebook data. We just post specific activities to Facebook - that's it

  • How do I disconnect Moves Export from your Facebook account? Just log out of Facebook on any Activity Detail page. We don't store any of your Facebook data - once you're logged out, that's it

FAQ - Post to RunKeeper

  • Exactly which activities get posted to RunKeeper? Walks over 10 mins, runs over 5 mins, and cycles over 10 mins get automatically posted to RunKeeper by default. You can customize these minimum durations using the Your Services link above. NEW! You can also now configure the minimum speed of an activity in order for it to be auto-posted, in Your Services!

  • I normally use RunKeeper itself when I go for a run. How do I stop Moves Export posting a duplicate activity in RunKeeper from Moves? Firstly, Moves Export (and Moves) can't know that you're also using the RunKeeper app on your phone, so we can't automatically know to not auto-post the activity. But there are some workarounds... If you find that you use RunKeeper itself a lot, then you could just turn our auto-post off, and still have the option to "manually" post any extra activites from our Your Storylines view. You can do this by going to Your Services, and setting RunKeeper Autopost to off. You can then still manually post from Your Storylines.

    For most users the better workaround may be to set the minimum duration for an autopost to happen for the specific activity to a very high value, so it never happens. E.g. if you always use RunKeeper when you run, you could set the minimum autopost duration for runs to 600 minutes - and effectively autopost will have been turned off just for runs, while it continues for walks and cycles! These settings appear in Your Services

  • I just went for a run - why didn't it get posted to RunKeeper? Mostly likely you just need to wait a while - we normally pick up completed activities and post them within an hour or two. Also, Moves needs a chance to process your activities before Moves Export can post them to RunKeeper. The best way to make this happens quickly is to open Moves on your phone after you finish your run (or walk or cycle). Another possibility is that the activity didn't meet the criteria to be posted - check using Your Storylines. Let us know if you think that there's a problem with the way auto-posting is working...

  • How do I cancel the autopost service? There is a setting to switch off auto-posting whilst still being connected to RunKeeper, so that you can still post manually from Your Storylines. Your can apply this setting in Your Services. In order to disconnect permanently, go to Runkeeper.com, Account Settings, and select Apps on the left hand side. Find this application in the list, and click "Remove Application". By doing that, this service will no longer be able to post anything to RunKeeper. Please contact us if there's something we can help with.

FAQ - General

  • Can I automatically post my Moves fitness activities to MyFitnessPal? Yes, you can! Unfortunately we can't directly auto-post from Moves to MyFitnessPal, but you can achieve the same thing via RunKeeper. First setup auto-post to RunKeeper by going to Your Services. Then get the MyFitnessPal app for RunKeeper here on the RunKeeper site. Setup the link from RunKeeper to MyFitnessPal, and then what you auto-post to RunKeeper will be automatically synchronized to MyFitnessPal!

  • How do I cancel the service? See instructions to cancel individual services above. To cancel the service altogether: go to Moves on your phone, and in Settings go to Apps, go to the link for this App, and click "Revoke Access". By doing that, Moves Export will no longer be able to see your Moves data, which means that you won't be able to use the Your Storylines function, or any of the auto-posting functions. We'd be very sorry to see you go - please contact us if there's something we can help with!

  • How do I delete my records and other data from the service? If you cancel the service per above, that severes the connection between Moves and Moves Export so we can no longer access your data on Moves. However, it leaves your data on Moves Export, including your user profile (email address, nickname, Twitter id, city, country, preferences, etc.), your activity summaries and your records. For example, this means that your previous records on Movers & Shakers will remain visible to other users. NEW! If you would like this data deleted, please go to Your Profile, and click the link in the 'Delete Moves Export Account' section towards the bottom of the page.

  • How do you use my data? Please see our privacy policy for full information about how we use your data. The short answer is that we only use or store your data to provide services to you on this website

  • Does Moves Export drain the battery on my phone? Moves Export doesn't use your phone at all, so using this service won't directly impact it. But, Moves itself does have an impact on your phone battery life. Please see the Moves App FAQ for more details.

  • Can I have my Moves Export account connected to Moves on more than one phone? Sorry, no, not at the moment

  • What's the future for Moves Export? Good question! We have lots of great ideas about cool things we can do using the awesome data Moves provides - but we'd also love to hear your ideas. Please contact us with your ideas and wish list - thank you!